Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Pengiuns Creations

Although the company is called "Jess' Fondant Cakes", I make every cake personalised to the recipient and this often means thinking outside of the box.

One of my friend's wanted to employ my services for his wife's birthday. Since they're trip to New Zealand, she has loved penguins, so the brief was a penguin cake.

The next stage was to work out which kind of penguin she would like. If you search penguin cake, you get a lot of Linux and Pingu penguins. I eventually found a more realistic penguin, if a Happy Feet penguin, and on this website appeared to be some amazing "Penguin olives". I shared the image with my friend as a joke and it turns out his wife loved olives and I was asked to make some of these as well.

However, one deeper discussion as to what to make, she wasn't a big fan of icing but we worked out that she loved cheesecake so the plan was to make a penguin shaped cheesecake and a selection of penguin olives.

This project was definitely a fun one, my family much enjoyed the "trial" cheesecake, when I made sure I got the shaping and the pairing of the cheesecake mixes correct. The "penguin olives" were a bit messy to make but the end result is so cute and was much admired.


The cheesecake was made using dark chocolate and white chocolate no-bake cheesecake mixes, with the beak made with the white chocolate mix with a touch of food colouring. The shape was made using foil covered pre-bent card that was held in place, on the outside, using tape, with fondant icing (it seems I can't not use it somewhere) used as weighted blocks to prevent the card billowing.

Not my own idea, but mine were made using a round of carrot as the feet, the notch cut out doubles as the beak poked into a pitted black olive. The body is made with an upright pitted olive, sliced carefully down one side and filled with a small ball of cream cheese. The making of the ball of cream cheese was quite messy but seemed to be the best method. A few of the penguins had scarves made of small strips of pepper.

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