Wednesday, 2 May 2012


I have perfected the cake part of cupcakes for many years.

At about 11, allowed to bake solo, I made the mistake of putting too little in the cases, creating a more jaffa-cake style cake/biscuit but they went down well once sandwiched in twos with buttercream.

Another time, I tried to cook buns without a bun tray and a bit too much in the cases, I ended up with a tray full of cake with a number of cases sticking out of it.

Thankfully most of these mishaps are hopefully behind me, each I have learned from. Now I am perfecting the icing process.

Below are a selection of cupcakes decorated with piped frosting and hopefully to a level my 11 year old self would have been proud.

As well as these designs and similar, I also have had photographed some of my Chistmassy cupcakes. These were actually used as my Christmas cards last year.

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