Sunday, 29 April 2012

The Bouqu-cake

A cake close to my heart, was one I made in July 2011 for my sister's wedding. The official wedding cake was made by my new brother-in-law's Grandma, however, many of the wedding guests would be unable to eat the cake, due to allergies and intolerances, including lactose and wheat intolerances and nut allergies, so I was put in charge of making a cake catering for all.

I have a lot of experiences baking for these intolerances/allergies so rather than paying for a dessert course (that many, including the bride may not be able to eat), it was decided that there would be a pudding table which a selection of treats including the cake I made that everyone could eat, and they did (the sign disappeared and everyone happily dug in, unknowingly, to a lactose, gluten and nut free cake).

This cake was affectionately named the "Bouqu-cake", as you can see below, as it is a bouquet. I cannot take credit for the design, also taken from a fondant cake book, but was adapted to fit the wedding colours. It was fun to make, and a lovely calm couple of hours making it amongst the pre-wedding activities.

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