Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Sandcastle cake

Being fascinated with marine life, and surrounded by a number of people with a similar fascination, does result in the opportunities to make sea-themed cakes. The cake below was fun to make and quite easy, as I know the subject area quite well.

Sandcastle cake

This cake was fun and a bit messy to make. I made this cake, actually quite speedily. It was made for a friend who is often based offshore on a boat, and seems to end up on this boat for his birthdays. Last minute he managed it again so, despite being a cake for a friend, I didn't actually get to see my friend receive the cake. I did, however, receive messages of appreciation from many who got to eat it.

The cake is a sponge cake covered in buttercream and biscuit crumbs. I researched the best way to create a sandy look, there seemed to be a few ways but biscuit seemed to be the best way that didn't result in an overly sweet result.

It was quite fun to create the sand, basically I covered the cake in butter icing, then pebbledashed it with biscuit crumbs.

The final touches were made to this cake but including some water, some cartoon marine creatures, a shell, an anemone and the customary sandcastle flag.

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